Container Commander

When goods move through the supply chain, it is common to focus on the products to ensure proper handling and processing. One area that is often overlooked is the containers the goods came in. Most often there aren’t the resources or the time to track the containers. Yet the containers are an important asset that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Furthermore a shortage in containers can result in shipping delays, high replacement costs and require dedicated resources to follow up on their whereabouts.

Whether you own the containers and need to know where your assets are located, or if you receive containers that you are ultimately responsible to return, Container Commander is the ideal solution. It tracks containers through the supply chain, from building to building, so there is always an accurate inventory and full accountability.

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Scan Commander

Does your organization deal with GS1 barcodes containing more than one data element?

Many applications cannot handle separating the data elements so you get everything as a single item. Scan Commander is a simple, customizable tool that intercepts scanned barcodes, splits the data elements, and outputs them in whatever format and order is required. Scan Commander works seamlessly with systems such as Famous®, providing more detailed data capture for barcodes.

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Time Commander

A simple time clock will track your employees’ hours at work and take care of your payroll needs, but that does not help you manage time spent on specific jobs. Sure you can use a clip board or create spreadsheets for your employees, but that is tricky for the employees to keep up and even more difficult to administer. Time Commander is a solution that uses a simple interface and scanners for employees to quickly and effectively scan their time to a specific job and task. At the same time, Time Commander serves as your time clock for payroll. Now data is live and easily pulled into a report by dates, job and project. Instantly you can compare your estimates or quotes to actual time spent on a job. You can also monitor progress on a job and can make informed decisions about future quotes.

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Yard Commander

Managing your yard should be easy and affordable. That's why we designed Yard Commander to be fully featured yet easy to use, giving you total vision to your yard and docks. You'll know exactly where your trailers are and monitor their status in real-time. Yard Commander is the solution to providing an efficient yard and dock operation.

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